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Phase II training provided by NDEMSA

EMS Training

The North Dakota EMS Association and the Division of EMS & Trauma are continuing a partnership of providing education to all of the EMS Agencies and Hospitals in N.D.  Similar to the recent LUCAS trainings conducted, we will be visiting each individual EMS agency to provide valuable pre-hospital education.  This particular Phase 2 training must be completed before the end of the state biennium, which is June 30th and will focus on three primary areas;

Sepsis - Definitions, Risk Factors, Signs & Symptoms, Prevention, Impact, Actions, Screening Tool and Treatment

High Quality CPR- Define Pt Crew, Checking for Responsiveness, Indications and Contraindications of the LUCAS 2

Documentation- Define Findings, Mnemonics, Primary & Secondary survey

We encourage each EMS agency to take advantage of this free training offered through carryover dollars not used by the Mission: Lifeline program.  A portion of this training is also NCCR designated in the stroke category and the remaining is LCCR.  Once again this Phase 2 education must be completed prior to the end of June. 





Your Assigned Instructor:

The assignments and instructors for this Phase II education program have remained relatively the same as the Phase I training. However there have been some additions and  changes. To know who the instructor is for you service you can contact Randal Severson, NDEMSA Education Coordinator at  






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