North Dakota EMS Association Advocacy Efforts

The North Dakota EMS Association strongly believes in being "the advocate" for EMS providers and EMS agencies alike in North Dakota. We have been a voice for ND EMS since 1976 and we've had significant advocacy efforts since the 2005 legislative session. Even though our citizen legislature meets only every two years, our advocacy committee is active year-round identifying rule changes, and other impacts to EMS. An example is this past year our advocacy members worked hard to change the Ambulance Prescription Rules in North Dakota, which was an 18-month process.

Do you have an interest in advocacy and want to make an impact in North Dakota EMS? Here are just some of the methods you can become involved:

1) Join our seven member advocacy committee

2) Frequently email or visit with your legislator on specific issues. Grassroots efforts are key to moving bills forward!

3) Quite simply, stay informed and educated on the issues. Nothing is more challenging than when a legislator visits with their constituents and they have no idea what the needs of EMS are

4) Ask questions

5) Get others involved…great leaders are those who inspire others to become involved!

The advocacy committee for 2018-2019 is:

Tim Meyer - Co Chair Sanford Flight Services
Adam Parker - Co Chair Sanford Flight Services
Kelly Dollinger Sanford Flight Services
Aden Clark Rugby EMS
Lynn Hartman Dickinson Area Ambulance
Pat Tracy Maddock Ambulance
Tyler Kientopf Sanford Education

1622 East Interstate Avenue - Bismarck, North Dakota 58503 - 701.221.0567

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